City of Lakeland exhibit explaining the water cycle
photo credit: Nathan Mark Phillips for Lakeland Local

Spring Obsession is not just for grown ups.  We have fun things for kids too!  In addition to the educational opportunities, we have a children’s area filled with fun activities.  Past events included the old standby and kids’ favorite activity of making a bird feeder with pine cones and peanut butter.  You can never go wrong with that one!  Kids also potted plants in clay pots they decorated themselves and used their artistic talents to draw and color buttons they then could wear. We are still planning the fun activities for this year so check back.

Art and Garden Event

Ian Townsend and his big sister, Corinne, proudly displaying the plant he potted at Spring Obsession.

Don’t forget the live music that kids love to dance to and the yummy treats that are available for lunch and snacking.  While you’re Downtown you can always duck into Explorations V Children’s Museum for a few minutes to further entertain the kids!