Exhibitor Information

March 9, 2019, 8 am to 3 pm.



An annual Spring event to provide funding for beautification and cultural development in Lakeland.

This well attended family-oriented one-day event will offer garden-related activities and presentations.

All products by artists and exhibitors must be garden/nature/wildlife related work.

This event attracts visitors from throughout Central Florida.

Spring Obsession is green – emphasizing recycling & energy saving products & projects.

Spring Obsession, Inc.
Exhibitor Rules and Guidelines
Spring Obsession, Inc. * Box 2171 * Lakeland, FL 33806-2594
(863) 617-9590 * info@springobsession.org

Spring Obsession is a one-day, annual spring event offering garden-related activities and presentations. The event attracts visitors from throughout central Florida and emphasizes recycling and energy saving products and projects. Please encourage a successful Spring Obsession event by recognizing and following these rules and guidelines.

Check-In. Check in begins at 6 a.m. Please visit the registration area upon arrival on the morning of the event so you can receive your booth number and registration packet. Coffee will be available!

Unloading. Please move your vehicle to our designated parking area promptly after you have finished unloading (and before you begin to set up) to make room for other exhibitors who are waiting to do the same. Vehicles are not permitted in the park. Please unload curbside. Beginning at 6 a.m. on the morning of the event, committee members and volunteers will be available to assist you with unloading your inventory to help this process go more quickly. Please be mindful, however, that our volunteers are not limitless. Exhibitors with exceptionally large inventories should consider bringing extra resources if needed.

Parking. Park in designated parking lots. Parking is a challenge in beautiful Munn Park; however, exhibitors’ vehicles must be moved away from the park to allow parking for YOUR customers. Available parking lots include

 Tennessee Avenue & Bay Street (NW corner-lot at Trinity Presbyterian Church)
 Oak Street & Kentucky Avenue (NE corner)

 Massachusetts Avenue & Main Street (NE corner-lot by Lake Mirror)

Set-Up. Once you have unloaded your inventory and moved your vehicle, please set up your booth according to our guidelines as well as the rules of The City of Lakeland.

  Stay within your 10’ x10’ booth space. If you require more space for inventory or “elbow room”, then register multiple spaces on your application. Only one (1) tent per booth space.

  Stakes or anything inserted in the ground are not permitted to stabilize your tent. Please consider using weights, buckets, sandbags or other hold-down methods.

  Attaching items to trees or light poles is not permitted.

  Include electricity requests on your application. Electricity is available for a $10 additional fee. The City of Lakeland employees will be available to assist with set-up. Please bring your own extension cords.

  Display your exhibitor sign. When you check in, you will be given a registration packet that includes your exhibitor sign, including your name, booth number, and your businesses location information. This is important for our customers and volunteers when they are trying to locate you. Please hang the sign so it is visible from the front of your booth.

Plant Exhibitors. Only bring items listed on your application form and check with us before bringing additional items or plants. If you are a commercial vendor who sells a wide variety of plants with little or no focus, we cannot guarantee you rights to any particular plant and we reserve the right to limit what you can bring. Items not listed on an application are subject to be removed. The overall goal of Spring Obsession is to celebrate local and regional nurseries and growers. Some supplementing is acceptable, but please keep to your plant specialty so not to weaken the quality of our show.

Sales Tax. All exhibitors must provide a current copy of their Florida Annual Resale Certificate for Sales Tax or Sales Tax Exempt Certificate (non-profits). Exhibitors will not be able to participate and will forfeit registration fee without proper documentation.

Lunch. Each paid exhibitor space includes two lunches. If you have special dietary needs, please let us know ahead of time. If you only need one lunch or prefer to bring your own, please let us know so we plan accordingly.

End-of-Day. Exhibitors are expected to remain “open for business” until the end of the event time. Tearing down or packing up early is not permitted. Volunteers and committee members will be available to assist you with loading your inventory; however, our volunteers are not limitless. Exhibitors with exceptionally large inventories should consider bringing extra resources if needed. Please
clean up your area upon departure.